Trudy Furface (the boss) and others

Trudy passed away in April 2002. She was 18 years old.


Trudy is the matron of the household. The green in her eyes is just a reflection; actually, she has beautiful yellow-and-green eyes. Trudy is something like 16 years old, maybe 17 (I've lost track.) She spends almost all her time sleeping wwww on my waterbed.


Trudy worshipping the Heat God.


Trudy worshipping another Heat God.


The big one is Amanda, a stray who looks very much like Trudy. That's a tiny little Spider behind her, and Dinky looking up in the corner.


Talk about a rarity! After I returned from a long trip to Europe, none of the girls would let me out of their sight. Trudy decided to sleep on my lap for the first time in years; and Spider jumped up and decided that sharing would be tolerable. I was amazed; luckily, I always keep the camera nearby just for opportunities like this.


These are the weirdest looking kitties I've ever seen. Never could pet them; the other cats very carefully avoid them.


This is Pearl, Trudy, and Pineapple. Trudy and Pino were littermates (they also had a brother, similar to Trudy except with longer hair); Pearl was the sole survivor of their mother's next litter. All of them were born in my bedroom closet in Berkeley; Mom was a stray who liked to eat from my other cats' bowl, and knew a good thing when she saw it.


Pearl was a very sweet, very affectionate cat, one of the softest little girls I've ever known. Sadly, she had FELV, and had to go away much much too soon. I still miss her.


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