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 Bull Run Webcams and Weather


Weird Las Vegas Odd stuff around Las Vegas. First up: Dr. Lonnie Hammergren's house.
Bull Run Our new riverfront property in Kernville
Sandy Valley Ranch Josh & Roberta go horseback riding
Roberta's 50th Birthday    A splendid time was had by all


October in SF August in Kernville Friends    
Summer Snaps Too Settling In Summer Snaps
Wynn Las Vegas  Kernville visit  Our new Las Vegas home
Death Valley Drive 2005 Lithography Las Vegas Wash
Helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon Seen around Vegas Snow in Las Vegas
Calico Basin 2004 Holiday Pictures Farmers Market SF
Carmel Sand Castles San Francisco Cityscapes 26 Broderick: Before and After
Carmel Snapshots Concours d'Elegance Car Parts Josh's 50th Birthday Weekend
2003 Holiday Pictures, part 1 2003 Holiday Pictures, part 2 4th of July, 2003
Heavy Metal: Vegas and Boulder Dam
Walking the dog  
Raw photos from our Alaska cruise
Full sized versions of the same  
WEDDING PICTURES! Wedding song Wedding announcement from the Indianapolis Star, 1962.
Old cat pics The new kitten Our big train trip (May-June 2002)